Alexis + Jason | The University of Tampa

It was a humid day in Plant Park at the University of Tampa.

As I walked with Alexis & Jason, they told me how special this campus was to them. It was where they met several years ago, and their engagement photos here would forever honor their story.

However, this session was full of bittersweet memories. Just a few short days later, they’d be moving to a completely different state. A completely different city from what they’d previously known for years and years.

I was curious if they’d miss Tampa, and if so -- what they’d miss.

“The food!” They exclaimed endearingly, sharing a sweet glance with each other. We all laughed and reminisced about the many delicious Tampa restaurants they were making last-minute visits to this week (Datz & Dough, anyone?).

Our entire session together was full of laughter and love. It was less of a sad goodbye and more of a joyful celebration of how Tampa plays a role in this delightful couple’s story.

Alexis & Jason, Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful souls with me. No matter where you two end up I know you’re going to be more than okay - because as long as you’re together, you’ll be home. You two are the essence of a true partnership, sharing laughs as well as ideas with one another even in our short time together. Tampa will miss you too! At least until your next visit back. I wish you the best of luck in your future marriage.